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Desertec sta con le pezze al culo.

This is an urgent call for your financial support:

Dear Supporter and Friend of DESERTEC

As you have been following and supporting DESERTEC Foundation for a while, we are now asking for your financial support.

DESERTEC Foundation has developed its vision and concept over many years with a strong backing from civil society from all over the world. This gave us credibility and independence. Although we still strongly believe in a tight collaboration with industry, we have decided (and are forced) to go a more independent way and thus keep a high level of credibility.

However, in order to be able to fulfill our mission, we are dependent on your financial support. Your donation will be used for the dialogue with civil society and NGOs in Morocco and Tunisia regarding DESERTEC criteria for power plants the expansion of our activities to Chile, Peru and Brazil the release of the DESERTEC Atlas in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Please go to our website and donate! Thank you!





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